The Sergeant


A weather-beaten, sturdy and tanned man, middle-to-old-aged, with numerous scars, one white eye, and a distinctive black leather glove on his right hand. This man has a voice that speaks of years of command and experience.

Known only by his rank to most people, his name is Harold Carter, and, in addition to maintaining a commanding role amongst the refugee soldiers of Teranth, he is a direct agent and protector of the Teranthian Prince.

Warder Cotes made a connection between the Sergeant and the once-famous H. Carter, an honourable pirate from almost two decades back, who was caught by the Prince’s uncle (The admiral at the time). The story goes that, instead of executing him, he offered the pirate a position in his service.
Also, he was a featured individual in Warder’s training and initial army service.
Elizabeth Debois discovered, after detecting evil on the Sergeant’s person, that he is in possession of a powerful evil artefact – a black glove over his right hand. The Sergeant noticed her reaction to it and told her that it was a necromantic item which tied his life to the Prince’s – if the royal heir took mortal damage, the Sergeant would die instead, or so he said.

The Sergeant

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